Giving Your DIY Jewelry A Professional Shine

Making your own jewelry is a wonderful hobby to have, as well as one of the most creative ways to express yourself through your own fashion. And if you aren’t someone who usually likes to DIY, when it comes to stringing a few beads together in your own little way, you should definitely give it a try! 

However, a lot of people who make their own jewelry on a casual basis often don’t like to wear their creations, simply because they look ‘amateurly’ made. But with the right tools and a bit of knowhow, you can give any of your DIY jewelry creations a real professional shine! Here’s what you need to know. 

Be Careful About Your Beads

First of all, make sure you’re working with the right material. You want to have beads that look good inside and out, even if they’re just plastic, which means checking each and every bead you pick up for imperfections, the same way you would a gemstone before cutting. 

This can take a little while, and you might get bored of handpicking beads one by one, but it’s worth it! It’ll make sure you put enough time and energy into the jewelry piece to qualify it for being professionally made, and it’ll look better than ever. 

Work with the Right Tools

It’s often said that ‘a bad workman blames his tools’ but it’s true that a bad or non-existent set of equipment can put you on the backfoot. And seeing as you’re trying to make your DIY creations look a bit more professional, you’re going to need a toolkit that’s worthy of you! But what should you include? 

Well, you’re going to need a glue gun and some glue sticks from Glue Guns Direct, as well as some proper craft scissors, and a pair of pliers and tweezers. You’re also going to want to get your hands on a thread burner, as this’ll help you to achieve a polished, sealed off look, without needing to cut thread and leave some behind to ruin the look of the piece. 

Learn How to Handle the Thread

Finally, you’re going to need to get a good handle on the thread of any bracelets or necklaces you put together, as loose or baggy thread can truly ruin both the look and functionality of your DIY jewelry. 

Most of all, you need to know how to keep thread taught at all times during the making process, but not held so tight that it could break with the slightest amount of pressure. It’s a hard balance to find, but with a bit of stretching and waxing, you’ll get the length you need without the tension becoming a problem. 

DIY jewelry is a fun hobby to commit to, and you can come up with some absolutely lovely jewelry that really complements your look. However, make sure you’re putting a professional edge on your works, as this’ll really seal the style of the outfit you put together! 

5 Accessories to Spice Up Any Outfit

Adding accessories gives you the chance to express your individuality a little more and be more unique in your styling. Accessories range from the cheap and cheerful to the extravagant and expensive. Depending on the occasion you are arranging your attire for, you will judge the sorts of accessories you can add to your outfits to make them look more incredible. Remember, forget the trends that you spy on the covers of glossy fashion magazines and go for a look that makes you feel confident and allows you to express your personality. You need to play around with your style and enjoy experimenting with fashion. Take a look at these five accessories that will make every outfit look incredible.


It doesn’t matter whether you need prescription glasses or not, the eyewear that you choose can give your outfit a certain vibe. For those summer months, you might be keen to source a couple of pairs of sunglasses that ooze retro styling. If you’re into your vintage look, you might be keen on a classic style cats eye set of frames. Add a touch of tortoiseshell or marble effect tan hue to your frames, and you can enjoy the retro Thelma and Louise look. Couple these shades with a headscarf and flowing day dress, and you could be an extra in the classic girlie road movie.

If you do wear glasses, consider the vibe that you want to create in the office. While contact lenses can be convenient, a pair of glasses can create a fashion style. Small round glasses can make you appear studious and serious. A larger rectangle frame can suit a longer heart-shaped face. And a stunning Ray-Ban style can be a timeless classic. Consider the outfits you wear and pair your eyewear to match.


You don’t have to be heading somewhere formal to enjoy glamming up with some pieces of jewelry. While pearls and diamonds might lend themselves to ballgowns and formal dinners, silver, and white gold can be more of a casual material to adorn your skin. Stud earrings are classic pieces that can brighten up your visage. If you are sentimental keep wearing that pendant or locket with every casual outfit.

If you are into your blazers at work, consider whipping on a brooch every day. You can express your personality through an art deco 1920s vintage brooch or a modern enamel design. Jewelry doesn’t have to be garish or pretentious. If you fancy the yellow gold and the bling – go for it. If you’re into the more subtle look, consider a ring and a matching necklace to brighten up your attire.

Square Toe Heels

For a real timeless classic that never goes out of fashion, shun the wedges or the high heels and opt for something more practical and elegant. Square toe heels hark back to the 1940s and have been adorning the feet of working women for eighty years. With some incredible shoe designers out there, the styles and looks that you can create are neverending. If you love to make a statement with your shoes, go for painted glossy red or pink shoe. If you adore the animal print classics, opt for a leopard print or faux alligator skin pair of heels. Pair these shoes with skinny jeans to enhance a casual daytime outfit, or wear them with pride as you head into the office.


It doesn’t matter whether your ears are pierced or not, you can enjoy a whole host of ear fashion to bring a touch of uniqueness to your look. Large gold hoop earrings are currently back on-trend. If you are a millennial and you love the urban fashion look, gold hoop earrings will be the go-to essential to make your outfit achingly cool.

If you are after a more subtle or mature look, earrings range from stud pearls to jewel laden dangle earrings. You could opt for rose gold, yellow gold, or silver as your material of choice depending on the sort of look that you are after. Experiment and adorn your ears with some barbell or huggy earrings. The possibilities are endless.


If you carry around a whole host of essentials with you wherever you go, the chances are that you will need a bag. If you are after a casual look to head to uni, work, or out and about, a small rucksack can ooze a cool style. Forget the sports backpacks and go for a designer corduroy alternative. If a rucksack is a little too immature for your styling, a handbag will suffice. You must make sure that any bag you choose is fit for purpose. A small clutch bag is great to hold a lipstick, some tissues, and a smartphone, but you won’t fit much more in. Perfect for an evening out and not much more, you need a larger bag for everyday outings.

Beach style bags with large top openings can be the perfect mix of form and function. They can be canvas style, leather, or suede effect, allowing you to add texture and interest to any outfit. Have some hidden side pockets and you can protect your valuables and money when commuting. Pair your bag with your square toe shoes and gold hoop earrings, and you could ooze coolness from your pores.

Accessories allow you to turn your normal everyday attire into something just that little bit more special. Follow this guide and you could have five awesome accessories to make every outfit incredible.


What to Consider When Buying Jewelry

Ya’ll know I love my jewelry. There are many reasons that you might find yourself buying jewelry, and no matter what the occasion is you are going to want to make sure that you get it right. There are different factors to consider when trying to figure out the right jewelry pieces.

Special Events

Special occasions are one of the top reasons people look at buying jewelry. If you are due to propose to someone, for instance, then you know that you are going to need to find designer diamond engagement rings to choose between. If you are buying for a birthday or Christmas, it will be something else entirely. And if you are just buying something for yourself for no particular reason, then that too is something that you can consider.


We all know that it is easy to spend a lot of money on jewelry, but the truth is that the prices can vary so much that you never quite know whether you are going to spend a lot or not. There is such a huge variation, and what might cost only a few bucks here might be much more expensive over there. So make sure that you are considering not just the price of individual rings but the prices of those similar rings at different stores, as that way you are much more able and likely to make the right choice economically.


What kind of style do you want for the piece? This again might depend strongly on the occasion you are buying for, but it is likely that a few other factors are also going to come into play here as well, so you need to be aware of those. Such as the general style of the person who will be wearing it, for instance, whether that is yourself or someone else. As long as you have thought about the style of the piece in this considered way, you are going to make a much better decision overall.


In today’s world, finding ethically sourced jewelry can be an important factor. It is always a good idea to do your research on the supplier of a piece of jewelry, as well as the supplier of their gems, and of any designers and crafters who have worked on the piece. It’s not too hard to find all that out, and it will ensure that you are remaining moral when it comes to choosing items of jewelry to buy. I have some ethically sourced jewelry items on my boutique so go check it out here

How to Stay Sane During Quarantine

We’re at a strange point in time right now. It’s fair to say that the world is a much different place than it was a month ago, there’s not a corner of the earth that hasn’t been affected by the recent pandemic. Whether you’re on formal quarantine or lock down or are just choosing to self isolate, being at home can feel a little tedious after a while and can increase anxiety when you’re sitting around with too much time on your hands. If you can, see this as ‘downtime’, try and make the most of a bad situation and aim to do fun and productive things where possible to make yourself feel better. The only thing we can do now is to try to make the most of this situation, so here are some ideas to make your day a little better.

Have a spa day

Chances are you have tons of spa products in the house. If you’re like me you probably have them in your cabinet but totally forgot about it. But now is the perfect time to get them out- bath bombs, bubble bath, oils, hair and face mask, foot masks. Spend some time really pampering yourself, get a hot bath and relax with music and candles, treat your hair and skin and paint your nails. On a normal day you probably don’t get the time to do all of this, so why not make the most of it? Not only will it make you feel better physically but it can reduce stress and make you feel better mentally too. If you and your partner are isolated together you could even give each other massages and turn your home into a mini spa for the day. 

Try some new makeup looks

Playing around with makeup can be a lot of fun, but again it might not be something you get the time to sit and do that often. If you have a lot of products, get them out, fall in love with different things again and follow along with some makeup tutorials on Youtube. You might be all dressed up with nowhere to go, but you could snap some photos for your blog, Instagram channel or just for a new Facebook profile picture. You could get really creative and try things you wouldn’t normally do, just because you have the means to do so and the time on your hands! Have fun with it, you can always just wash it off if it goes wrong so don’t worry about trying to get it perfect on the first attempt. I did this the other day, as seen in the photo above. I saw a photo that Kathleen Lights posted on IG and tried to recreate it, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Do some online shopping

Online shopping has become a real lifeline during these times. You can continue to support business by ordering from them and having goods shipped to your door. Just be aware of social distancing when your deliveries arrive, leave a note asking for things to be left on your doorstep or just call through the door so you don’t need to come in contact with people unnecessarily. Maybe some new summer dresses will cheer you up (hopefully we’ll be over the worst of this madness by then) or perhaps you could order some homeware items and have fun redecorating and decluttering a room in your home. You could treat yourself to something that will cheer you up, get materials for a project or buy something you need but have been putting off for a while. If deliveries are still going ahead in your area then do continue to buy as it helps the economy in these difficult times. 

Also don’t forget to shop my boutique John and Suki! Use code SHOP20 for 20% off any item.

Organize your closet

This is something I need to do that I’ve been putting off. Take everything out and put what you won’t wear into boxes labeled donate as it can help to make decisions easier. Put back what you want to keep, and pass along the other items when you get the opportunity after you’re out of self isolation or quarantine. Having a thinned out wardrobe can actually give you more clothing and outfit options as you can see exactly what you have, and you’ve only kept things that fit you and that you like. No more rummaging through items you don’t want or need. 

Write some blog posts (or start a blog)

Blogging is one of the best hobbies you can have. It’s fun, it’s productive and there are lots of ways to earn money later down the line. If you already have a blog, now is the time to create some great content for it. You could review products you’ve been loving, take outfit photos, write a diary of your thoughts or give tips and advice to others. If you don’t have a blog then what better time to start one? It will likely take you a few hours to get set up, think of a blog name and open an account on blogger or wordpress. Buy a template off Etsy to make it look nice, and purchase a domain name to link to your blog. From there you can open an email address and new social media pages linking to your site. Once all of that is done, you’re free to start creating content and networking with other bloggers. Since it’s this starting point that takes the time, it’s a great opportunity now that you have the time to get it up and running. From there you could just post once or twice a week if you wanted to and enjoy this hobby for many years to come.

How will you be staying sane at the moment? Leave your tips in the comments below!


2019’s Hot Accessory Trends

2019 is well under way, but it isn’t too late to embrace some of the more fashionable trends to hit magazines, streets, and venues across the world. From pearls to baker boy hats, and snakeskin boots to scarves for your handbag, there’s plenty of options for the discerning fashionista, whether you’re heading to the beaches of Maui or the streets of Los Angeles. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve some of these looks, either.


Pearls are everywhere this year. Rather than pearl necklaces of the 1950s, though, celebrities have been adorned in contemporary styled pearls. While pearls are striking and memorable, they don’t have to be expensive, and if you aren’t comfortable wearing them around your neck, consider earrings, hair berets, and bracelets. 

The pearls don’t have to be perfectly round, either – the more natural look of slightly misshapen pearls is very popular.


If you’re heading to the beach, or any hot climate, you could even opt for a pearl anklet. Anklets are another fashion item that have made a firm return to the spotlight this year, and you will find many a collection and style in any good jewelry store

Anklets are not only on trend, they are are a great way to show off your tanned ankles and draw attention down to your carefully chosen footwear.

Combat Boots

If you follow all the top models and influencers on Instagram, you’ll see that they’re all rocking a pair of black combat boots. I happened to get a pair while I was in London and I’m obsessed. You can dress up or dress down a pair of combat boots to suit your own personal style!

Snakeskin Boots

Alternatively, if you prefer patterned feet, you can opt for another of this year’s fashionable footwear trends – snakeskin boots. 

Prints like this are bold, and they can appear quite masculine, so it isn’t surprising that they are typically accompanied by ruffle dresses and feminine long coats.

Bag Scarves

Why let your neck have all the scarf wearing fun? This year, women are adding scarves to their bags rather than their bodies. They tend to be bold and colorful, can incorporate prints and patterns, and they are usually tied around the handle, or even into the straps of the bag. 

What to Wear to a Holiday Party

Holiday party

Jacket: John + Suki // Dress: John + Suki // Shoes: Burberry {similar}

It’s officially December, and you know what that means? Holiday parties. Whether it’s for work, or a friend’s or even family holiday party, you want to look festive and cute! I wanted to share with you my favorite look for this holiday season. This red dress is perfect for any holiday party because red is festive, duh. Also the satin material is beautiful and really elevates the look. I love pairing this with my favorite leopard coat to add some print and make it fun.

I wanted to share with you guys some other options as well. These are my favorite picks for any holiday party!


What I’m Wearing for Thanksgiving + Black Friday Sale!


Top: John + Suki // Pants: Rag and Bone // Rings: John + Suki // Necklace: John + Suki

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving? This year has been such a whirlwind. I have a lot to be thankful for including moving back to New York, and reuniting with all my family and friends! Also I’m thankful for the launch of my new store John + Suki

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving a day early here at the Collins household. So this is what I will be wearing to my Thanksgiving dinner today. My City Living sweater from my new store is honesty the comfiest AND it’s loose so I can eat a lot LOL. Throw it on with a pair of jeans and you are good to go.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I am having a Black Friday sale on John + Suki! From now until Saturday, everything is buy one, get one for 50% off! This will automatically be taken off at checkout, so get shopping!

*PS I will also be having a Cyber Monday sale so stay tuned for that!


I Opened an Online Boutique!

Wearing the Alice Tuxedo Romper

Guys. I have the most exciting news I think I’ve ever shared here…I just launched my own online fashion boutique!! The name of my boutique is John + Suki (, named after my parents.

Opening up a boutique is something I’ve been dreaming of since I was in high school. And now I’ve finally done it! So obviously I wanted to share it here with you because I love you guys. Oh and I’m giving ya’ll 20% off any purchase this week using the code FAMILY20.

So now onto the fun part, the clothes! Here are some of what you will be seeing on my store.

Wearing the City Living Sweater

Wearing the Merlot Slip Dress and the In The Wild Leopard Jacket

So there is your sneak peek at what’s in store! I hope you guys love the stuff as much as I do! Now go on, get shopping!


What I Got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on from now until August 5th. I ended up caving and getting the Nordstrom credit card to shop the sale early (shopaholic problems!). I only received the two items in the picture above so far but I wanted to share with you the other items that I got in case you all were curious! Act fast if you want any of these because the items are selling out fast! There were a lot of items I wanted to get from the sale but they sadly sold out before I was able to get my hands on them.

Here are the items I got, along with a few extra I was eying! If you guys got anything from the anniversary sale, I would love to see! Let me know in the comments below or tag me on Insta! @esthercollins


How to Style a Bridal Hair Piece for Everyday

bridal hair piece

A couple weeks ago my friend Shirley reached out to me to tell me about a new company her mom and her just started. Shirley and I interned together at Burberry in NYC seven years ago, can you believe it?! I feel old. LOL. Anyways, when Shirley told me about her new ventures, I was so excited because I think it’s something you guys will love! Shirley’s new line is called Shirley and Audrey and they sell accessories for the modern bride. Now you might be thinking “Esther, I’m not getting married…”. Well girl, neither am I. But these items are so beautiful that you can wear them on your wedding day, or even just out to an event!

I got the hair wreath in Mary, and I wore it to a charity event I went to. I wore it like a headband and tied it in the back. It went so perfectly with what I was wearing and really elevated the outfit. Not to mention, I got tons of compliments on it! I think a hair wreath like this would be so perfect for any event where you need to dress up a little bit, or could even be used as a fancier “flower crown” for something like Coachella!

Whether you are a bride, or just a girl looking for some beautiful items to jazz up your hairdo, go check out Shirley and Audrey. Their quality is AMAZING and all the items are simply beautiful!

For Girls Who Brunch readers, Shirley was kind enough to offer 10% off anything on their website with code GWB10. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @esthercollins because I will be giving away one of these hair wreaths there!