Money Saving Tips for When You Travel

Taking some time away from the stresses and strains of life and going on vacation is something that everyone should do from time to time. Some take this idea even further and go traveling for weeks or even months at a time. It’s an exciting thing to do and allows them to discover incredible things and have amazing adventures. 

Traveling can be expensive, though, so these money-saving tips for travelers are useful to know. 


Where Is The Airport?

If you spot a great deal on a flight and you think it’s absolutely ideal for your traveling needs, take a moment to look at the details more closely. Where exactly is the airport that you’re going to be landing at? Just because the name of the airport has a city attached to it, that doesn’t mean that it’s close by, and you might find that you are going to have to spend a lot of money on a cab or train to get to your hotel. 


Make Your Hand Luggage Count 

You might need to bring a lot of luggage with you when you travel, but you don’t want to have to pay extra for it. So, make the most of the amount of hand luggage you can bring so you can carry more things with you. It makes a lot of sense to try to squeeze as much as you can into your carry-on luggage. This will save you a lot of money. Plus, if your hold luggage goes missing, which does happen sometimes, you can still keep going.


Use The Right Credit Card 

Be careful when you’re using a debit card abroad; there can be some big charges levied if you haven’t told your bank that you’re going traveling, and in some cases, the card might even be blocked. A credit card is a much better way of paying for food and lodgings (and anything else you might want) while you are traveling because it is easy to cancel if it is stolen, and you get protection if anything goes wrong. Choosing the right credit card is essential, and picking one that is created just for travelers can save you money because they don’t charge any extra for being used abroad. 


Don’t Buy Currency At The Airport 

You might want to take some cash with you as well as your credit card, but don’t buy your currency at the airport because the exchange rates there are always bad. It’s far better to think ahead and buy your currency well in advance when the exchange rate works for you. 



Try to haggle for as much as you can when you’re away, and that doesn’t just mean items you find at a market or bazaar. You can haggle for anything, including hotel rooms. If you wait until just before you’re intending to travel, then you should be able to get some great deals on your accommodation because hotels would rather sell cheaper than not at all. Don’t just settle for the first price that you’re given and always call around and get comparison prices too, as this will give you more chance of securing the best deal. 


Book A Hostel 

For those looking for a unique lodging option, luxury hostels might be the best thing to happen to tourism since the bed and breakfast was first invented. Thousands of options can be found online, many of which provide three or four-star accommodations in private rooms – it often surprises people. Of course, for some, this is a step too far, and they prefer to have a luxury hotel with Richard Haworth table linens. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry; the money you’re saving in other areas may well allow you to afford the accommodation you really want. 


Insure Yourself Annually 

Annual travel insurance is usually less expensive than single-trip insurance if you often go outside the country. It’s also a good idea to check whether or not your house insurance covers your personal belongings even if you’re away from home. It could be that you don’t need such extensive travel insurance coverage because you’re already paying for your prized possessions to be looked after; you don’t want to pay twice. 


Book Your Flight In The Afternoon

Most travelers know that flight prices change during the week, but sometimes they can also change during the day. Studies have shown that, on average, prices are higher in the morning because that’s when most business travelers book. However, if you wait until after lunch, you might find that the flights you were interested in have decreased.