5 Accessories to Spice Up Any Outfit

Adding accessories gives you the chance to express your individuality a little more and be more unique in your styling. Accessories range from the cheap and cheerful to the extravagant and expensive. Depending on the occasion you are arranging your attire for, you will judge the sorts of accessories you can add to your outfits to make them look more incredible. Remember, forget the trends that you spy on the covers of glossy fashion magazines and go for a look that makes you feel confident and allows you to express your personality. You need to play around with your style and enjoy experimenting with fashion. Take a look at these five accessories that will make every outfit look incredible.


It doesn’t matter whether you need prescription glasses or not, the eyewear that you choose can give your outfit a certain vibe. For those summer months, you might be keen to source a couple of pairs of sunglasses that ooze retro styling. If you’re into your vintage look, you might be keen on a classic style cats eye set of frames. Add a touch of tortoiseshell or marble effect tan hue to your frames, and you can enjoy the retro Thelma and Louise look. Couple these shades with a headscarf and flowing day dress, and you could be an extra in the classic girlie road movie.

If you do wear glasses, consider the vibe that you want to create in the office. While contact lenses can be convenient, a pair of glasses can create a fashion style. Small round glasses can make you appear studious and serious. A larger rectangle frame can suit a longer heart-shaped face. And a stunning Ray-Ban style can be a timeless classic. Consider the outfits you wear and pair your eyewear to match.


You don’t have to be heading somewhere formal to enjoy glamming up with some pieces of jewelry. While pearls and diamonds might lend themselves to ballgowns and formal dinners, silver, and white gold can be more of a casual material to adorn your skin. Stud earrings are classic pieces that can brighten up your visage. If you are sentimental keep wearing that pendant or locket with every casual outfit.

If you are into your blazers at work, consider whipping on a brooch every day. You can express your personality through an art deco 1920s vintage brooch or a modern enamel design. Jewelry doesn’t have to be garish or pretentious. If you fancy the yellow gold and the bling – go for it. If you’re into the more subtle look, you can buy rings online and a matching necklace to brighten up your attire. you’re into the more subtle look, consider a ring and a matching necklace to brighten up your attire.

Square Toe Heels

For a real timeless classic that never goes out of fashion, shun the wedges or the high heels and opt for something more practical and elegant. Square toe heels hark back to the 1940s and have been adorning the feet of working women for eighty years. With some incredible shoe designers out there, the styles and looks that you can create are neverending. If you love to make a statement with your shoes, go for painted glossy red or pink shoe. If you adore the animal print classics, opt for a leopard print or faux alligator skin pair of heels. Pair these shoes with skinny jeans to enhance a casual daytime outfit, or wear them with pride as you head into the office.


It doesn’t matter whether your ears are pierced or not, you can enjoy a whole host of ear fashion to bring a touch of uniqueness to your look. Large gold hoop earrings are currently back on-trend. If you are a millennial and you love the urban fashion look, gold hoop earrings will be the go-to essential to make your outfit achingly cool.

If you are after a more subtle or mature look, earrings range from stud pearls to jewel laden dangle earrings. You could opt for rose gold, yellow gold, or silver as your material of choice depending on the sort of look that you are after. Experiment and adorn your ears with some barbell or huggy earrings. The possibilities are endless.


If you carry around a whole host of essentials with you wherever you go, the chances are that you will need a bag. If you are after a casual look to head to uni, work, or out and about, a small rucksack can ooze a cool style. Forget the sports backpacks and go for a designer corduroy alternative. If a rucksack is a little too immature for your styling, a handbag will suffice. You must make sure that any bag you choose is fit for purpose. A small clutch bag is great to hold a lipstick, some tissues, and a smartphone, but you won’t fit much more in. Perfect for an evening out and not much more, you need a larger bag for everyday outings.

Beach style bags with large top openings can be the perfect mix of form and function. They can be canvas style, leather, or suede effect, allowing you to add texture and interest to any outfit. Have some hidden side pockets and you can protect your valuables and money when commuting. Pair your bag with your square toe shoes and gold hoop earrings, and you could ooze coolness from your pores.

Accessories allow you to turn your normal everyday attire into something just that little bit more special. Follow this guide and you could have five awesome accessories to make every outfit incredible.