4 Things You Should Do In The Bahamas

When you think of sun, sea, sand, and a nice relaxing break, a few places come top of the list, and the Bahamas is usually one of them. The Bahamas is a cluster of islands off the coast of Florida and has become a destination many people have on their bucket lists. 

One of the nicest and perhaps most exciting things about going anywhere is the opportunity to choose some things you want to see, do, explore, or eat – and if you can combine them, even better! 

Photo by Forest Simon on Unsplash

Swim with Pigs

This activity might not naturally come to mind; after all, you usually hear people say they want to swim with dolphins or sharks – not pigs! Catching a boat or opting for a luxurious yacht charter in Bahamas, you can head to Big Major Cay and Pig Beach. While no humans live there, it gets plenty of visitors to see the pigs enjoying swimming and playing uninhibited. 

Make sure you have your bathing suit and a charged camera because you won’t want to miss a second of this one. 

Dean’s Blue Hole

While you’re swimming around in the water, you might wonder why it is called Dean’s Blue Hole, but a bird’s eye view photo will show you that this location does just look like a blue hole! This is the second deepest sinkhole in the world, and for anyone who enjoys interesting natural wonders, this is a great place to go. 

For those who are a bit nervous and want some guidance, the local diving school can help you make the most of this location. Keep in mind that the best way to get here is by plane – but a local Air Tour company will get you there. 

Food Tours

There are so many delicacies to try in the Bahamas; the best thing to do is to book a food tour – or make a list of all of the places that you want to go and check them off. If in doubt, ask the locals what and where you should be eating – because they will have you dining on the finest the island has to offer in no time. 

But here are some tips for what you should make sure to indulge in: 

  • Conch Salad, also called conch ceviche, is a fresh, flavorsome bowl of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and conch meat. 
  • Lionfish has a legend that goes with it, and that is that Lionfish were put into the Caribbean waters due to a flood in 1992. Legend aside, this buttery white meat fish is a must. 
  • Bake crab has all of the right flavors and will leave you licking your fingers; it is baked inside the shell, removed, seasoned, and has a fiery kick. 
  • Bahamian hot patties come in veggie and meat options, and the yellow pastry is right, sweet, and the filling is seasoned, spiced, and delicious. The perfect post-beach snack. 

Ardastra Gardens

In Nassau, you’ll find the Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre. With over four acres of breathtaking tropical gardens, you’ll see more than your fair share of wildlife – but the real reason people go is to see the stunning Caribbean Flamingo in all its glory. You can experience a close encounter with over 135 animals, and it is more than worth the price of a ticket. 

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