Why Smoothies Are The Best for Busy Days

Are you a smoothie lover like me? Smoothies are so great for a variety of reasons. The first is, obviously, how healthy they are. You would never sit down to eat five apples, two bananas, and a bag of kale in one sitting. But when you can drink all those goodies in the form of a slightly sweet beverage, it suddenly becomes way more doable. People rely on smoothies for their dietary five-a-day. 

The second reason is convenience. When people want something nutritious in the morning before work, they don’t want to spend their precious time in front of the oven. Instead, they want to whip up something quick. Smoothies are the ideal food in this regard. You place the ingredients in the blender and there you go.

Another reason for their success is the fact that smoothies are highly Instagrammable. You don’t even need to be a particularly good photographer to share your creations. Their vibrant colors do most of the work for you. Smoothies, though, are more than just a passing trend. Here are some of the reasons they could be your ticket to a yummier you. 

They Release Nutrients

Getting all of the nutrients out of a bunch of kale is difficult for your body. First, it has to separate it into manageable chunks. Then it has to break down the cell wall to get hold of the goodies inside. Cooking makes this process slightly easier, but nothing quite compares it smashing it to bits in a blender. Speaking of which, we really like this Vitamix that is reviewed here. High power gives it extra clout. 

As the blades spin, they chop through the cell walls, allowing all of the plant’s nutritious contents to gush out in an orgy of goodness. More of the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals get into your body, helping to support your health. 

They Change Your Taste Buds

When you first start off, you might start with an all fruit smoothie. These are typically the most popular and tastes the best because of the sugar in the fruit. As you start having smoothies more often, you might want to start adding in more green veggies. I love adding in spinach, kale, cucumbers, ginger and carrots.

The change in your tastebuds is just a natural process. Your brain gets used to all the weird chemicals that give plants their flavor and eventually starts to enjoy them. Drinking a smoothie feels less like taking medicine and more like sipping on a cocktail by the pool by week ten. 

They Increase Your Energy

Finally, smoothies make you feel more energetic for the whole day. When you give your body the nutrition it wants, you feel your best, and therefore, are your best. 

What is your favorite smoothie flavors? Let me know in the comments below!