Weekend Reading #9

What I’m wearing at Runyon Canyon: Sunglasses: Ray-Ban // Tank: FlyWheel // Pants: Alo Yoga // Shoes: Nike

Hi loves! It’s time for another reading recap! This week has been both fast and slow. I’ve started finally working out again with a trainer and doing some pilates. I know most people work out crazy before summer hits, but since it’s summer all year in LA might as well start now, right? I’m also planning to do some hiking this evening at Runyon Canyon with some friends. Runyon is my FAVORITE spot in LA. Definitely check it out if you haven’t and are in the LA area. What are some of your favorite workouts?

1. Starbucks has released its first new fall flavor in 4 years…

2. Everything and more that you need to know about extractions.

3. The life of an Instagram dog (speaking of do you follow Baguette on IG? If not, do it now! @mydogbaguette).

4. All about the Ayurveda treatment.

5. This chart shows how women have theĀ same BMI but completely different body types.

6. Ice Coffee hacks I must try.

7. Interior design tricks from DVF.

8. 86 recipes for under $5.

9. A guide for wearing makeup with glasses.

10. The best beauty looks from NYFW.