Weekend Reading #3


Hi my loves! Hope everyone had  a lovely week. I got back to LA this week and have been prepping like crazy to get my apartment put together for my house warming party this weekend. It’s been a crazed week with work and organization. Oh, and I’m planning on getting a puppy this weekend. So there’s been a lot going on! Here are some of my favorite reads of the week.

1. I love Gracias Madre, and I love their margaritas.

2. Inspiring story about how this 30 year old travels the world on less than 30K a year.

3. Hilarious story about a girl having her Tinder matches pick her outfit.

4. Workout tips from some of Hollywood’s favorite trainers.

5. Amy Schumer’s audition tape for Real Housewives.

6. Cure that hangover with these tips.

7. My friend AJ txted me and asked if he could sign me up for this.

8. A very accurate subway map of NYC.

9. Honey Whipped Frozen Yogurt, say what?

10. Stop ruining your jeans.