Weekend Reading #16

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What a week. After getting back from Vegas celebrating my birthday, my brain has been in complete vacation mode. Don’t you hate when that happens? I’ve been counting down the days until the weekend, and it’s finally here. Today is also my baby Baguette‘s first birthday. Being a new dog mom, I obviously need to celebrate tonight. I’m having friends over for wine and cheese and feeding B a nice big steak! What is everyone else up to this weekend?

1. This meal plan has an entire week set up for only $12 a day.

2. An app to make friends.

3. Sleep deprivation and the scary side effects.

4. How to keep lemons fresh for 3 months.

5. DIY Antibacterial spray.

6. These puppy bellies are everything.

7. 20 uses for Peppermint Oil.

8. Secrets from The Hills.

9. Healthy and yummy stuffed mushrooms.

10. Would you try cupping?