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best podcasts

“So I was listening to a podcast”… ask my roommates and I start a sentence like this at least once a day. It’s true. I’m a podcast freak. Whenever I’m in the car driving to work, or on a flight, chances are I’m listening to a podcast. There are a million different podcasts out there so sometimes it can be hard to navigate which ones to listen to. So I wanted to share with you guys my favorite podcasts to listen to based on whatever mood you are in.

Girl Talk

LadyGang: This is hands down my favorite podcast to listen to. I did an interview with Keltie Knight from the LadyGang a while back, you can read it here. Keltie is joined by Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin for an entertaining podcast each week. This is a great podcast that is light hearted and always makes me laugh. It feels like I’m sitting in the car just listening to my girlfriends chat.

Lady Lovin’: If you’re a fan of Laguna Beach, check this one out. It was started by Lo Bosworth, Greta Titelman and Jilly Hendrix. I like this because it feels like a more grownup version of the LadyGang. They delve deep into real life problems and just get real about life.

Learn Something

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her: Lauryn Evarts (who I also interviewed for my blog, you can read it here) and her husband Michael Bosstick interview influential people each week on their podcast. They interview plastic surgeons, diet experts, entertainers and all that in between.

Becoming Fearless by Style Collective: This one I need to give a little shout out too because it’s by one of my friends Annie Spano. Annie runs Style Collective which is a place for bloggers to come together and learn. She started this podcast recently to talk to others about work and building your career. If you are starting a new business and need some help, definitely check this out.

Everything Bachelor Related

The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast: Ya’ll. I low-key have a huge crush on Ben Higgins. So obviously I’m going to listen to this Bachelor themed podcast that him and Ashley I do each week. It’s a great insight to behind the scenes of the Bachelor franchise and also recaps of the shows.

Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi: You probably remember Olivia for having a big mouth on the Bachelor, and she’s back to talk all things reality on her podcast. She interviews a lot of Bravo stars (my fave!) in a really entertaining way. She’s a girl I feel like I can relate to on a personal level.

Laugh Out Loud

The Bitch Bible: This blog turned podcast by Jackie Schimmel is hands down one of the funniest podcasts ever. Jackie my spirit animal. She says whatever she wants, whenever she wants and I’m obsessed. I feel like I’m sitting at brunch with a cocktail in hand just laughing with her. PS: Jackie if you want to be friends I live in LA, holler at your girl.

Do you guys like podcasts? If so let me know in the comments below which ones are your favorites so I can check them out!

Photo by: Jordan Zobrist

Brunch Diaries: Keltie Knight from The LadyGang


Podcasts have seriously become a major obsession of mine lately, and my favorite podcast is none other than The LadyGang. Which is why I’m super excited to share my interview with the lovely Keltie Knight. Keltie is 1/3 of The Lady Gang and you can catch her on all the major red carpets interviewing all the hottest celebs. Keltie is serious GOAL ya’ll and I’m excited for you to get to know here more below!


What made you get involved with the LadyGang?
I think all of us just wanted to create something of our own, and I certainly was given the gift of gab. When we started I thought this might be a fun little side project and now it has turned into a full blown empire with our podcast, blog, and quarterly LADYBOX!

What has been your favorite career moment?
I will never get sick of getting all dressed up and going to the super fun red carpets of Hollywood, it’s so neat to see the gowns and gals you see in the magazines up close. Of course, meeting Oprah was major for me. I got the MOST star stuck over Paula Abdul though.

What has been the hardest part?

The rejection and constant criticism.

Who inspires you?
Sounds weird but I inspire myself, I constantly make to do lists, and sometimes I look in the mirror, or even watch back a major interview and I don’t even realize it’s ME looking back. It’s like I am two people. Keltie and then “Keltie.”

You seem to have it all, what’s your advice to girls who want to be successful like you?
I do not have it all. But, I will say that for a very long time in my life I lived what I thought was going to make everyone else like me, and helped many, many people without ever focusing on myself. To have your dream life, you legit have to work at all areas of your life constantly. I work out daily and I hate working out, I wake up very early and work very hard to make the right career decisions to put me in a place to succeed. I am very careful of what I spend my hours doing. I married the guy who was really nice to me, so now it appears as if I have the perfect marriage, I don’t, but it’s pretty close. I think you have to set yourself up for success and many people SAY they want it all, but are not willing to do the things to get them in that position.



Where is your favorite place to brunch?
Real Food Daily in LA. They have the BEST almond flour waffles ever.

Dress up, or dress down?
If I am not at work I am deep in that sweatpants life.

Favorite place to go for a night out?
I hate going out. I am a total homebody. Please, do not make me leave my house.

Favorite cocktail?
Diet Coke.

If you’re throwing a dinner party, what is your go-to meal?
I would never throw a dinner party because I legit just love to be by myself reading if I have a night off, but my good friends do invite us over to play cards and eat sometimes and they make the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted.



Current favorite item in your closet?
My black MOTHER denim jeans.

If you could only bring 3 items to a deserted island, what would they be?
A kindle, Weleda Skin Food, and a big cooler of Diet Coke.

How would you describe your style?

Best beauty hack?
I put purple shampoo on my hair with a shower cap and leave it for 30 mins to revive my blonde!

What is your go-to workout routine?
I am obsessed with the Sweat With Kayla App.


Favorite cause/charity?
TWLOHA and The Beagle Freedom Project

Top 3 people we should be following on Instagram?
Duh. @theladygang @theladygang @theladygang

What’s the one thing you cannot live without?
To do lists.

Where is one place you would love to travel to?

What’s next?
The LADYGANG just launched it’s second LADYBOX and we are currently working on those, I’m heading to the swanky Vanity Fair Oscars Party, and VACATION!!!!


Be sure to follow Keltie on Instagram @keltieknight and @theladygang, also be sure to check out new episodes of The LadyGang every Tuesday!

Keltie Knight