How To Find The Perfect Apartment

cdn.frontdoorMy lease is coming to an end and my friend Becca and I have been searching for the PERFECT apartment to move into. With the help of some friends and Google, we’ve been able to view and apply to some really amazing places. Summer is usually the most popular time for people to be moving, so I decided to put together a guide for apartment hunting. Whether you are in California like myself, or anywhere else in the US, here are some helpful tips when looking for the perfect apartment.

1. Give yourself time. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed to find an apartment. Start doing your research about a month before you are planning to move. Figure out what it is exactly that you are looking for and set a budget.

2. Google is your friend.  There are tons of websites that are dedicated to finding an apartment. Here are some of my favorite ones: Zillow, Padmapper, Trulia, Apartment Finder, Craigslist.

3. Check your credit score. Having a good credit score is extremely important. Usually the first thing a landlord will do is check your credit score. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting denied from apartments due to their credit score. Having a good credit score proves to prospective landlords that you are responsible. Pay off those bills in time!

4. Visit as many places as possible.  Don’t rely solely on pictures. Actually go and check out a place. A place might look trashy in photos but really stunning in person, or vice versa. If you absolutely can not go visit a place for whatever reason, email the landlord and ask for more pictures. The more information you have the better.

5. Fill out an application. Once you find your dream apartment, apply. And do it in a timely matter. A lot of places are first come first served. So fill out an application as soon as you know that is the apartment that you want.

6. Don’t stress. If you don’t get your first apartment choice, there are others. There is usually a lot of turnover in apartments, so just keep looking. Eventually you will find the perfect apartment, trust me it’s out there!