Weekend Reading #20


Hi my loves! Is it just me or did this week drag on forever?? I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend. My roommates and I have a relaxing beach weekend planned which I can’t wait to get my tan on. What do you guys have planned for this weekend?

1. Justin Bieber watches The Bachelorette.

2. What you need to do in the gym to lose weight.

3. Things that are absolutely true for no reason.

4. In-flight essentials. 

5. Venmo is bringing out the worst in people.

6. Ways to cool down your house without AC.

7. New Jersey passes a bill to help stop puppy mills.

8. Get through the airport faster.

9. Nordstrom’s Annual Sale starts today, here’s a guide to shop it!

10. RIP Taylor Swift.


My Review: 1 Day Juice Cleanse from Pressed Juicery


While walking around Larchmont with my friends on Sunday. I had the spontaneous and brilliant idea to do a 1-day Juice Cleanse. We walked into Pressed Juicery and I was able to easily convince my friend Brigitte to join me on this journey. For $40 you get 6 juices, and 2 waters to drink throughout the day. We purchased the cleanse and were excited to get started Monday morning.

10 AM: I start my first juice: Vanilla Almond. Taste 10/10. I’m already starving but I’m trying my best not to gulp down this juice so fast. It tastes like a vanilla milkshake in the best way possible. I’m a big breakfast person, so not going to lie I’m still pretty hungry.

12:05 PM: Like clockwork my body hits noon and I’m automatically hungry for lunch. I’m like Cinderella when the clock strikes twelve except for having a curfew, I just get hungry. Time for my second juice: Greens 2. Taste 10/10. For a green juice this is surprisingly tasty. The apple and lemon really help balance out the bitter greens.

12:50 PM: I’m still sipping on my second green juice. I’m starting to get a slight hunger headache.

2 PM: Drink #3: Citrus 2. Taste 10/10. This is such a refreshing drink! It’s a citrus with mint which is perfect for an afternoon pick me up. So far, this Citrus drink is my favorite. I’ve also started drinking my Chlorophyll Water, which doesn’t taste like much.

2:30 PM: I’m starting to be bored with all the liquids. Wishing I could eat some solid food right about now.

4:45 PM: I started my 4th drink: Roots 2. Taste 7/10. This one wasn’t my favorite. It was kind of a filler drink.

5:30 PM: My roommate wanted to walk and get oysters for Happy Hour. I agreed to go with her on her walk and took my juice with me. I ate one fried oyster because I couldn’t resist. I wanted more but I stopped myself.

7 PM: I’m starving. Time for my 5th drink: Greens 3. Taste 8/10. This definitely tastes a little more “green” than the green juice from this morning. I’m so tired of drinking juice at this point. I would kill for some mac and cheese, or Chinese. Also, I have a headache. Like a tension headache but I’m tense because I haven’t eaten solid foods all day. But, I’ve committed thus far so might as well just go the distance.

7:50 PM: Help. I’m so hungry. I’m also over this green juice and throw it out with about a third left.

8:05 PM: I’m caving and eating a string cheese. No shame.

8:10 PM: Last juice of the day: Chocolate Almond. Taste 10/10. This is the bomb.com. Kind of tastes like a dessert.

9 PM: I’m officially done with all my juices and all I have left is the Aloe Vera Water. I might save half of it for tomorrow because I don’t think I can consume any more liquid.

11 PM: I’m actually starving. If I don’t go to bed soon I think I might die.

Next day thoughts: I woke up feeling lighter than usual. I weighed two pounds less than the day before. I also just feel overall healthier. I wasn’t starving in the morning like I usually am. Overall, I enjoyed doing my one day cleanse. I don’t think I’m cut out for doing more than one day but the one day was enough to hit the reset button on my body. Moving forward with the week I’m going to attempt to make healthy decisions on what foods I eat (minus on Cinco de Mayo because all bets are off when it comes to margaritas). I was surprised as to how I handled this cleanse. I did the one day Blue Print Cleanse and I thought I was actually going to pass out from malnourishment. But I didn’t feel that way with Pressed Juicery. Yes, I was hungry. But it was tolerable. And the juices all tasted pretty amazing. My favorite juice from the cleanse was definitely Citrus 2. Would I do this cleanse again? Probably.

Have you guys ever done a juice cleanse before? If so, let me know which ones in the comments below and what you thought!

Best Brunch Spots in LA

2Croque Madame and the Regular Breakfast from Republique

This post is long overdue. Brunch is my favorite meal, hands down. I love it so much that I named my blog after it. So it’s only fair that I write a post detailing my favorite brunch spots in Los Angeles. Now the reason it’s taken me so long to write this post is because I didn’t want to just throw together some random brunch list. I wanted to take my time and try a bunch of different places and really figure out which ones were my favorites. Now, there’s always room for improvement and I’m sure I will discover another amazing brunch spot after posting this. However, that being said, these are my top 5 brunch spots as of today.

1. Republique

Oh. My. God. Why did it take me so long to try Republique? I love everything about this place. The food is amazing, and the vibe and interior decor is on point. Everything on the menu is fresh, seasonal and incredibly delicious. The only downside to this place is there is always a wait, but for good reason. This spot is not only my favorite, but also my friends. All of their pastries not only look fabulous but they all taste amazing. Be sure to grab one before you sit down and wait for your meal. Everything I’ve had here is great. My favorite: Croque Madame 

2. Village Idiot

The Village Idiot has been my brunch spot of choice for the better part of last year. There usually isn’t a wait, which is great when you’re starving (or hungover) and in need of some quick, yet yummy breakfast. I have probably been to the Village Idiot a couple dozen times for brunch, and they never disappoint. Their fresh squeezed OJ is so refreshing. They also have the best breakfast sandwich in all of LA. Now I know that’s a very bold statement but I stand by it 100%. I like to sub out the sausage for bacon, and if you love bacon as much as I do I highly recommend it. My favorite: Breakfast Sandwich

The Bloody Royale from Franklin & Co. The Bloody Royale from Franklin & Co.

3. Franklin & Co.

Franklin & Co. will always have a special place in my heart. It was where I discovered my love of Biscuits with Sausage Gravy. Not to mention their bacon is the bomb. Franklin & Co also happens to be known for their delicious Bloody Mary’s. This also happened to be where I discovered my love for Bloodies. All of their Bloody Mary’s are tasty, and if you’re adventurous enough to try their Bloody Royale…do it. My favorite: Biscuits with Sausage Gravy

IMG_6925Brunch Carbonara with a side of Crunchy French Toast at Blu Jam Cafe

4. Blu Jam Cafe

On the same block as the Village Idiot, is Blu Jam Cafe (they also have a location in the Valley). My friends and I have tried to go to Blu Jam numerous times, but there is always a long wait and we’re never prepared to wait that long. But finally, we planned and waited and got into Blu Jam. No wonder there is always a wait. This place is delicious. They have a couple brunch items that are not your typical brunch meals. I highly recommend you getting a plate of the Crunchy French Toast to share. It’s AMAZING. If you’re looking for something a little different, but extremely delicious go to Blu Jam. It’s well worth the wait. My favorite: Brunch Carbonara

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetChoco Acai Bowls from Kreation

5. Kreation 

If you’re in one of those rare “I want to be healthy” moods, Kreation is the perfect brunch spot for you. They have THE BEST Acai Bowls I have ever had. Their juices and smoothies are also great. My friends and I go to Kreation after we’ve had a very indulgent weekend. It’s the perfect place to hit the reset button and feel good about the food you are eating. Everything is organic and tastes incredible. My favorite: Choco Acai Bowl

What are some of your favorite brunch spots? Leave them in the comments below!

Weekend Reading #17



Hi loves! Another week has quickly come and gone. This was the first week where my Monday’s were not filled with my friends and I gathered around the TV to watch The Bachelor. None the less, it’s been a crazy week and I for sure am glad that it’s the weekend. I’m looking forward to catch up on some much needed sleep. What is everyone up to this weekend?

1. There’s only One Tree Hill.

2. Ariana Grande kills it as Britney Spears.

3. How to Stock a Bar Cart.

4. The happiest cities to work in.

5. Gel manis just got a whole lot safer.

6. How long leftovers really last.

7. Did someone say free?

8. Los Angeles, the breakfast capitol.

9. Tricks to help your food taste better.

10. What it’s really like to be in the “Fantasy Suite”.

Weekend Reading #16

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.01.01 PM copy

What a week. After getting back from Vegas celebrating my birthday, my brain has been in complete vacation mode. Don’t you hate when that happens? I’ve been counting down the days until the weekend, and it’s finally here. Today is also my baby Baguette‘s first birthday. Being a new dog mom, I obviously need to celebrate tonight. I’m having friends over for wine and cheese and feeding B a nice big steak! What is everyone else up to this weekend?

1. This meal plan has an entire week set up for only $12 a day.

2. An app to make friends.

3. Sleep deprivation and the scary side effects.

4. How to keep lemons fresh for 3 months.

5. DIY Antibacterial spray.

6. These puppy bellies are everything.

7. 20 uses for Peppermint Oil.

8. Secrets from The Hills.

9. Healthy and yummy stuffed mushrooms.

10. Would you try cupping?

Weekend Reading #15


This week has been a gnarly one. I’ve been battling a bad cold all week. I’m happy it’s finally the weekend and I can be lazy and catch up on some sleep. Do you have any at home cold remedies? If so, let me know in the comments below!

1. Adding all of these places to my bucket list.

2. Splurge vs. Save: Home Decor.

3. Peanut butter popcorn?? Yes please!

4. My astrological sign says I should date Kayne

5. Time saving tips to help you through the week.

6. Loving Kristin’s casual grey look.

7. I need this eye mask. 

8. Obsessed with this striped dress!

9. The perfect nude nail polish.

10. Karl Largerfeld’s views on the fashion industry today.


Weekend Reading #14


Happy Valentines / Presidents’ Weekend! Can you believe it’s already mid-February?? I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend. My girlfriends and I are going to see How To Be Single this weekend and I can’t wait! What do you all have planned for this weekend?

1. Buying or renting, which is the better option?

2. Nutella filled Cronut holes. O.M.G.

3. How to clean everything in your kitchen.

4. Anyone addicted to Instagram will understand these tweets.

5. Kourtney and Khloe’s houses are everything.

6. Cheap and easy dinner recipes.

7. Chrissy Teigen is my foodie soul sister.

8. One pot meals. Dump and go.

9. Here’s proof that dress sizes don’t matter.

10. Strawberry brownie skewers, yes please.



My Review: Dead Sea Salt Floating Pool


We’ve all of heard of the Dead Sea, but have you heard of a Dead Sea Salt floating pool? I had no idea what this was but when my friend Megan mentioned it to me I was immediately intrigued. I always love to try out new crazy beauty and lifestyle trends, like sweating at Shape House. When I saw a Gilt City promotion for Grotto De Sal‘s Dead Sea Float, I immediate texted Megan and said we had to sign up. We got a package for two which came out to about $75 a person. I had no idea what to expect.

Megan and I scheduled an appointment for Sunday, thinking it would be a great time to just sit back and relax. We arrived at Grotto De Sal and they escorted us to the women’s locker room. Small but very chic, they gave us lockers to put our stuff in and gave us a robe and some pool shoes. We threw on our swim suit and the robes and walked over to their lounge. Shortly after a woman came in and escorted us to our private pool room.

The room consisted of a small pool, essentially like a hot tub. As soon as you stepped into the room you can taste the salt in the air. They told us the pool had a heavy concentration of salt which was very apparent. Next to the pool they left us a couple towels and a carafe of water. Apparently the salt water dehydrates you so it’s good to consume water throughout your 45 minute session.

They shut off the lights and left us in the room. Megan and I hopped into the pool unsure of what to expect. We attempted to float a little but decided that it was better to just sit near the jets. If you have any cuts on your body, like I had a cut on my finger…beware because it stings! They also tell you not to shave for at least 24 hours prior to coming because that can cause stinging as well. The salt was so concentrated that it really burned my nostrils throughout the session, which was quite uncomfortable. For some reason my elbows were also stinging, maybe because they were so dry.

Megan and I sat and girl talked throughout the session. I was glad to have her there because I would have been bored just sitting there for 45 minutes. If you do this, I highly recommend doing it with a friend. Towards the end of the 45 minutes, Megan and I started to get antsy and wanted to get out. Eventually they came and told us our time was up and we headed back to the locker room to shower.

The benefits of the Dead Sea Salt pool are that it helps with muscle and joint pain, and exfoliates your skin. I didn’t really notice much of a difference after being in the pool other than the skin on my face did seem to clear up the next day. This was definitely an interesting experience which I’m glad I did. I’m not sure if I would ever do it again however. I didn’t feel any tremendous differences from before and after. One thing that did peak my interest at Grotto De Sal was they had a Salt Room, made entirely of Himalayan Salt.

Overall, as much as I enjoyed the vibe of Grotto De Sal I don’t think the Dead Sea float was for me. If any of you have tried this before, let me know how your experience was in the comments below.



Weekend Reading #13


Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA this past month. With the new year came a hectic schedule. With work, travel and family visiting I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. But, I’m back! I’ve decided to have my first post back with another weekend reading, which is my favorite post to write. These are some of my favorite links in the past couple of weeks. Hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend!

1. Since we’re all trying to be skinny in the new year, here are 10 low-cal cocktails you can still indulge in.

2. Stylist Anita Patrickson shares what the most common fashion mistakes are.

3. How to be Instagram famous.

4. The best breakfasts to cure a hangover.

5. One-pot chicken and sausage orzo…YUM.

6. Living in LA, is it like your favorite reality shows?

7. Healthy breakfast bowls, yes please.

8. Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogan’s audition for Clueless is hilarious.

9. I need to try these temperature control beauty products.

10. LA’s hiking guide.




48 Hours in San Francisco


This past weekend, Brigitte and Becca and I traveled to San Francisco to visit my friend Sarah who was in town for a convention. None of us had ever been to San Francisco before so we embarked on this crazy 48 hour adventure. We tried to fit as many fun things into our schedule as we could. We ended up walking ALOT (about 30,000 steps according to Brigitte’s Fitbit to be exact). Here were some of my favorite spots in San Francisco.

Ghirardelli Square: Located near Fisherman’s Wharf, we took a stroll to Ghirardelli Square. At the square, they had the Original Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufactory. If you are of lover of ice cream, this is a must have. Their hot fudge is to die for. I got the Ocean Beach with Caramel and Hot Fudge, it was the bomb.com.

Alcatraz: Go. If you’re in San Francisco, go. This is a must see attraction. Definitely buy tickets ahead of time because the tours sell out. You get to take a nice ferry ride over to Alcatraz, where you can see views of the entire city. Once on the island you take an audio tour through the prison grounds. There’s so much history on this island and it’s crazy to see the actual location of the prison. If you like history, definitely go check out Alcatraz.

The Butler and The Chef: Brunch is one of my favorite meals, if you couldn’t tell by the name of my blog. This little French bistro is definitely worth the wait. Their food is AMAZING. Everything is so freshly made, and tastes so good. Not to mention they bring you pieces of fudge with your check. It’s SO good.

Dandelion Chocolate: Another fabulous chocolate spot in SF. This place is more for the refined palette, those who like dark and bittersweet chocolate. Brigitte and I went here and ordered basically everything on their menu. Although we weren’t able to finish it all, it was definitely worth the purchase. Also, get their homemade marshmallow, it’s everything.

Tacolicious: For our last meal in SF, we got some Mexican at Tacolicious. There was a huge wait, and it was because the food and drinks were delicious. Their queso and carnitas tacos were my favorite. For those drinkers out there who like a little spice in their life, get the Margarita Picante, it’s muy deliciouso.

What are your favorite spots in SF?