My Review: Dead Sea Salt Floating Pool


We’ve all of heard of the Dead Sea, but have you heard of a Dead Sea Salt floating pool? I had no idea what this was but when my friend Megan mentioned it to me I was immediately intrigued. I always love to try out new crazy beauty and lifestyle trends, like sweating at Shape House. When I saw a Gilt City promotion for Grotto De Sal‘s Dead Sea Float, I immediate texted Megan and said we had to sign up. We got a package for two which came out to about $75 a person. I had no idea what to expect.

Megan and I scheduled an appointment for Sunday, thinking it would be a great time to just sit back and relax. We arrived at Grotto De Sal and they escorted us to the women’s locker room. Small but very chic, they gave us lockers to put our stuff in and gave us a robe and some pool shoes. We threw on our swim suit and the robes and walked over to their lounge. Shortly after a woman came in and escorted us to our private pool room.

The room consisted of a small pool, essentially like a hot tub. As soon as you stepped into the room you can taste the salt in the air. They told us the pool had a heavy concentration of salt which was very apparent. Next to the pool they left us a couple towels and a carafe of water. Apparently the salt water dehydrates you so it’s good to consume water throughout your 45 minute session.

They shut off the lights and left us in the room. Megan and I hopped into the pool unsure of what to expect. We attempted to float a little but decided that it was better to just sit near the jets. If you have any cuts on your body, like I had a cut on my finger…beware because it stings! They also tell you not to shave for at least 24 hours prior to coming because that can cause stinging as well. The salt was so concentrated that it really burned my nostrils throughout the session, which was quite uncomfortable. For some reason my elbows were also stinging, maybe because they were so dry.

Megan and I sat and girl talked throughout the session. I was glad to have her there because I would have been bored just sitting there for 45 minutes. If you do this, I highly recommend doing it with a friend. Towards the end of the 45 minutes, Megan and I started to get antsy and wanted to get out. Eventually they came and told us our time was up and we headed back to the locker room to shower.

The benefits of the Dead Sea Salt pool are that it helps with muscle and joint pain, and exfoliates your skin. I didn’t really notice much of a difference after being in the pool other than the skin on my face did seem to clear up the next day. This was definitely an interesting experience which I’m glad I did. I’m not sure if I would ever do it again however. I didn’t feel any tremendous differences from before and after. One thing that did peak my interest at Grotto De Sal was they had a Salt Room, made entirely of Himalayan Salt.

Overall, as much as I enjoyed the vibe of Grotto De Sal I don’t think the Dead Sea float was for me. If any of you have tried this before, let me know how your experience was in the comments below.