Weekend Reading #4


Hi everyone! These past two weeks have been crazier than usual. I’ve started training for my  new job, and I GOT A NEW PUPPY! In one of my last posts I talked about Baguette, my new 4 month of Chihuahua. I’m absolutely OBSESSED with her. Having a new dog is definitely a lot of responsibility so I’ve been trying my best to take care of Baguette and train her while she’s still young. This weekend will probably just be another low key weekend with the new pup! Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend!

1. Actually dying over all of these avocado recipes.

2. Comfort food gets upgraded with these recipes.

3. Top beauty picks by Hollywood’s Pros.

4. How to dramatically improve your memory – something I need help with!

5. When to wash your clothes.

6. Khloe Kardashian’s fitness closet is giving me serious envy.

7. Roasted Figs? Yes, please.

8. Puppies. 

9. This wedding toast is beyond amazing.

10. You can now freeze your fat off.