“Secret” LF Outlet Store!


Hold the phones. There is an LF Outlet store that opened on Melrose. Thanks to my friend Vic (who some of you might remember from the blog), we can all now know of the treasure that is the LF Outlet store. For those of you who don’t know LF, check it out if you have a store near you. They have awesome sales twice a year where you can get clothes for super cheap. But now with the Outlet store, you can get cheap and super cute clothes year round! If you’re in the LA area, definitely go check out the LF Outlet store on 7714 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. LF Outlet is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

image via Instagram.


How to Create a Gallery Wall


“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde

When Becca and I moved into our new apartment, we discussed putting up art work in our living room. I had a gallery wall in my old apartment which was filled with a lot of personal photos as well as some other artwork. Sharing a common space, we decided to both pick out artwork that we love and tried to create a cohesive gallery wall. I’m absolutely in love with this gallery wall that we have, it’s one of my favorite parts of the apartment. We mixed quotes, with some of Becca’s sketches and other personal touches. My favorite part of the wall is the California board, which my friends back on the east coast put together at my going away party. It has random notes from all of the people I love back home. Having a gallery wall is a great way to display some of your favorite items.

Here are a few tips I have for those of you who want to create your own gallery wall:

1. Pick out your favorite artwork. Whether it’s inspirational quotes, drawings, pictures or whatever else you want, choose the items that mean the most to you.

2. Create a layout. Before you start hammering things onto the wall, lay out all of your pictures on the concrete floor and make sure each item has a specific location.

3. Choose a color scheme. This is optional, but I love having things look super cohesive. We decided to go with pastels and golds in our gallery wall. Everything, although different, looks very similar because the colors flow.

4. Hang it up. Bite the bullet and just start putting things up. If you don’t like it you can always remove it.

5. Enjoy!



4th of July Recap


I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July weekend. I’m currently in recovery mode. My friends and I road tripped down to San Diego. We spent Friday afternoon hiking at Torrey Pines State Park. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend visiting this State Park. It has gorgeous views of La Jolla. After a long hike we decided to head to Park & Rec in University Heights. They have hands down the best margarita I’ve ever had at a bar. Light, refreshing and extremely delicious. On Saturday, we headed into downtown for some brunch. We went to Florant Restaurant and Lounge. After spending a couple hours eating delicious food we headed over to a house party in Ocean Beach. Overall the entire weekend was a blast. Hope you all enjoyed the 4th with your family and friends!




A Look Back on 2014


2014 was the year of changes. I started the year living in NYC with a great job surrounded by loved ones. Half way through the year I packed up my bags, quit my job and decided to move across the country to California. This was by far the scariest thing I had ever done in my entire life, but deep down I knew this was something that I had always wanted to do…and something I needed to do. I started a new job, met new friends and got a new apartment. It’s crazy to look back on the past year and see how drastically things have changed. I’ve learned to really treasure the people in my life because when you up and decide to move across the country, those who still keep in contact are the ones who will be there no matter what. I’m so grateful for not only all the old friends, but also the new ones I have made (and some friendships that have been rekindled after years of silence). As challenging at times as this year was, it really helped me to learn to be brave and take risks. If you’re unhappy with something in your life, the only person that can do something about it is you. I’m so happy with where I am with my life, and I have all my wonderful friends and family to thank. As this year comes to an end and we approach another new year, I’m excited to see what new changes and challenges come my way. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year! xx, E.


I can’t believe 2014 is over! So much has happened in the past year- my year of service with AmeriCorps came to an end, I adopted a puppy, switched  life paths and enrolled at FIDM, worked on my first movie set, and made some new friendships to last a lifetime. This year has definitely been about self-discovery. As much as I may have complained about AmeriCorps, it taught me so much about myself and about hard work. I’ve always been the type of person to get by with minimum effort, but I learned fairly quickly that that wasn’t going to cut it with my classroom of wild 6th graders. Hard work and pushing boundaries soon became habit, and it has paid off immensely at FIDM, and just life in general. I’ve interned with more people than I can count on one hand, and have had so many amazing experiences and learned so much through them. Another important lesson I’ve discovered this year is about friendship. Since moving to California, I’ve met some awesome ladies who are some of the most hard-working and supportive people I know. It’s an incredible feeling being surrounded by people who do nothing but build you up, inspire you, and truly want to see you succeed. A valuable takeaway from this is to reevaluate your life. Check yourself and your relationships – are you living to your full potential? Are the people in your life helping you achieve your goals? If not, 2015 is a new year! I plan on pushing myself harder than ever and seizing every new opportunity that comes my way. Happy New Year! -v