Increasing Home Security with These Tips

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Protecting your home and your valuables has never been more critical. Sadly, we live in an age where crime is on the rise both physically and digitally. Protection from nefarious intent can come in many different ways, depending on your lifestyle and what you need to protect. Property crime far outstrips violent crime in the US, with statistics showing a home is burglarized every 15 seconds.

With this in mind, protecting yourself from home invasions can help ensure you don’t become the next victim of this awful crime.

Secure Windows and Doors

Keeping all windows and doors closed and locked when you are away from your property is the first line of defense against burglars. If your current windows are secure, you can add window or door alarms to each individual window or door so that if it is opened, an alarm will trigger a warning to deter potential thieves from entering. Alternatively, upgrading to more secure windows and doors can offer you greater peace of mind.


With people owning more high-value items and treasured possessions, having a safe can help keep important documents, large amounts of cash, jewelry, and things of value safe. Choose a reliable company such as Browning Safes to supply you with safety that can protect everything you need to hide from plain sight and keep it safe and secure.

Alarm Systems

These days, you can choose to have a monitored alarm system installed, meaning that a third-party company monitors your property and alerts the authorities on your behalf should anything happen. Or you can install a smart home system that you can access anytime from anywhere worldwide to monitor your home. If you do get intruder alerts, you can then call the local police department to get things checked right away. Plus, the video evidence will also be an added benefit in finding the perpetrator.


Lighting is essential for stopping burglars in their tracks. External motion sensor lights will come on whenever people are close to your home and remove the cover of darkness thieves rely on when breaking into people’s homes. Automatic lighting inside can also help to give the illusion that someone is home and deter people from entering your property unlawfully.

Lock Down WiFi

Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated these days, and it doesn’t take much for them to hack into personal WiFi connections to steal your data or spy on your home. Whether you have a whole or partly automated house or simply use the internet for leisure, locking it down so your identity can’t be stolen or criminals can’t gain digital access is vital. Use strong passwords and change them regularly; avoid sharing this with neighbors or other people who can use it to log in, and put restrictions in place for children accessing the internet, too.

Keeping your home safe looks like many different things to different people. These measures can help you go one step further in adding additional layers to your home to make it safer for you and everyone who lives there.