8 Beauty Activities You Can Do Right Now

If you’re stuck at home feeling bored, then this post is for you. In it, we take a look at some of the beauty activities that you can do right now to wile away the hours. 

Do Some Cupping

Cupping is an ancient healing technique introduced centuries ago, designed to help people through the worst of their symptoms and physical ailments. Largely forgotten, today it’s experiencing a resurgence and celebrities have started using it for soothing stiff muscles and improving circulation. Cupping is primarily for people who do heavy exercise, but anyone can potentially benefit from it. 

Give Your Hair Some TLC

If your hair is feeling a little dry after a long winter, you might want to give it some TLC with rise-off hair masks. These days, brands are including more natural ingredients in their products. Look for brands that use things like peppermint, amla and allspice as these natural ingredients are wonderful for both the hair and the scalp. After a couple of treatments, your hair will look sleeker, straighter and smoother. 

Get A DIY Salon Facial

You could go to the salon right now, or you could give yourself a similar facial. For instance, you could give yourself a personal microneedling (which can be a little painful) or recreate the famous hydrafacial with a combination of exfoliation, peel and moisturizer. 

Whiten Your Teeth

Even if you go to the dentist for regular scaling, teeth whitening is often essential. Tannins in food can cause them to look discolored over time, making them duller and less striking. 

You can whiten your teeth at home, but it’s best to go for professional bleaching if you want dramatic results. 

Get A Pedicure

Over the winter months, the dry air can cause your feet to start looking and feeling a little past their best. That’s why getting a pedicure is a great idea. 

You can either do this yourself, or you can go to a professional nail salon. Get them to remove any tough skin and treat your toenails which can sometimes become damaged from walking around in tight shoes all day long. 

Organize Your Makeup Drawer

If your makeup is a mess at the moment, try tidying it up a little. Organize it into various containers, and clean up your vanity or dresser, if you have one. 

If space is an issue, don’t be afraid to go big. Get rid of your small dresser and replace it with a larger one. Or, failing that, add some shelving to either side. 

Reduce Puffiness With Gua Sha

Gua sha is the act of passing smooth gemstones over your face. The idea is to use the rock’s inherent healing properties to reduce the inflammation in the skin and cut down on redness. 

Start Derma Rolling

Derma rolling is incredibly inexpensive if you buy your own kit. Rollers are often just a few dollars. They contain tiny needles which penetrate the skin, forcing it to increase its production of elastin and collagen. You can repeat the treatment once every six months or so.