5 Things To Check Before Booking Your Holiday Destination

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If you are considering booking a holiday house with a group of friends or with your relatives, you want to make sure you’re spending money on the right stuff. Holiday properties tend to be on the expensive side, so it’s important to make your vacation money count. 

Here are 5 crucial things that can make a huge difference to your trip and your finances when renting a holiday home. 

#1. Location, location, location

So, you’ve spotted an Airbnb ad for a fantastic villa in Milan. This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. The villa is within your budget, and it’s overlooking a gorgeous lake. All sounds fantastic, but before you book, make sure to check where the villa is compared to the airport. The last thing you need is to waste half your budget on transportation to get there. 

Some tips that can make remote holiday homes more accessible for travelers:

  • The host offers to pick you up at the airport
  • You have planned for a car rental 

#2. There is no garage

If you are traveling by car, it’s a good idea to look for properties that are fitted with sufficient protection for your vehicle. For instance, even rural locations can reach out to garage builders to add a protective structure. 

What does it matter?

  • It protects your vehicle from the elements, especially from the snow in winter
  • You don’t have to worry about opportunist burglars breaking into your car
  • It keeps wildlife away from your car

#3. There is no self-check-in

If you are familiar with Airbnb bookings, you probably have been to places that use a self-check-in process. Essentially, self-check-in solutions keep stress at bay when you travel. Check-in with the host means that you need to be there on time. Unfortunately, time is not always something you can control. You can’t predict what the traffic on the road is going to be like or whether your plane is going to be delayed. Besides, the time slot to check in with the host tends to be reduced to a few awkwardly chosen hours during the day, which can force you to book overnight accommodation at the nearest hotel because you’ve missed the window!

#4. There is no cleaning fee

This one may sound strange. Why would no cleaning fees be suspicious? You need to check your contract carefully. Some hosts include cleaning fees as part of the booking costs. This means they don’t expect their guests to leave the place clean on departure. Other hosts do not include cleaning fees, but they might mention that part of the deposit may be deducted if you don’t leave the house clean and tidy. It is worth asking about those in written form if nothing is clarified in your booking agreement. 

#5. There is no mention of bed sheets and towels

It is a rare occurrence as most hosts will provide the necessary elements for bedding and bathroom. However, some hosts ask guests to bring their own bed sheets and bath towels. Read carefully before your book to avoid nasty surprises! 

Have you faced other unexpected surprises while booking a holiday villa? Little things can make a big difference. Sometimes, your host may not realize they have omitted crucial information in their description. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to reach out to the host before making a booking to clarify things!