5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

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We’ve all heard it before, our bodies are made up of mostly water. Water is crucial for your health, both internally and externally. I used to struggle HARD with drinking enough water. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how important drinking enough water is to my body. Not only does it help clear your skin, it also helps to flush out all the gunk in your body. I’ve noticed on days I don’t drink enough water, I feel lethargic and my skin feels dry. Let’s be real, no one wants that. Here are a few tips that can help you drink more water daily.

1. Infuse your water with fruits

This is one of the easiest ways to make your water more fun. My friends at Live Infinitely have this awesome 32 ounce fruit infuser water bottle that’s perfect for infusing water on the go. I love this water bottle because it’s super cute with the fun colors, and it’s large enough to fit a lot of fruits and veggies. Some of my favorite combos are strawberry + raspberry (pictured above), strawberry + basil, cucumber + lime, and orange + lemon. For a chance to win one of your own fruit infused water bottles, check out my Instagram for a giveaway!

2. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning

Drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. Make it become a habit so you don’t even think about it. Eventually your body will start to crave water as soon as you wake up. Also, drinking a glass of water is a great way to get things moving, if you know what I mean.

3. Sip before every meal

Whenever you go to a restaurant, you’ll always find have a nice glass of water at the table. Drink as much of the water as you can before your meal. Not only will this help you not to overeat, it will also just become a good habit.

4. Choose sparkling water

If you’re anything like me, I love soda. I know, I know, soda is terrible for you but sometimes you just want that fizz. A great alternative is sparking water. I love the La Croix brand, they have some amazing flavors! It’s a great way to get your daily water intake, but also replaces that soda craving.

5. Eat water-based foods

Many fruits and veggies are filled with water. Some of my favorites are watermelon, cucumber and grapefruit. Add some into your daily meals, and you’ve got some added water!

Be sure to check out my Instagram to see how you can win your own Live Infinitely water bottles!

5 Travel Tips You Need To Know

travel tips

I’ve done my fair share of traveling through the years. Whether you’re traveling abroad, or even for a quick weekend away here are some travel tips I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Use a Rewards Credit Card

Reward credit cards are my jam. Seriously, you can get free airline tickets for just going about your life and spending like you normally would. I have two airline credit cards that I put EVERY purchase on. The two CC’s that I use are the Delta American Express card, and American Airlines Barclay card. I’ve been able to redeem miles on both cards to get free flights! If you use your credit card often, I highly recommend getting an airline card that will rack up miles. **If anyone wants a referral to get FREE miles when they sign up, leave your email below!**

2. Use Hopper to Track Best Airline Fares

If you haven’t heard of Hopper, what are you doing? I mentioned Hopper in a previous post about my favorite phone apps. If you’re planning a trip, download Hopper and put in the dates of your trip. Hopper will keep track of when airlines reduce prices and send you push notifications straight to your phone. They will tell you if they think the price is as low as it will get or if they think you should wait to book.

3. Call Your Banks Ahead of Time

This might sound like common knowledge but you would be surprised how many people forget this step. If you are traveling far, be sure to call your bank and let them know where and when you will be traveling. Nothing is worse than to get to your destination and try to use your credit card, only to be declined. Give your bank a heads up so you don’t have to deal with them later.

4. Properly Pack Your Carry-On

Traveling is all fun and games until someone loses your luggage. Unfortunately this has happened to me many times. As much as this sucks and it’s totally OK to freak out when it happens, if you prep your carry-on you can freak out a little less. Always pack an extra set of clothes in your suitcase. If the airline loses your luggage you don’t want to be stuck wearing the same outfit you wore on the plane. I also like to keep my makeup in my carry-on (make sure it’s TSA approved!). Also don’t forget to pack your chargers. The worst thing that could happen is you lose your luggage and your phone dies! Remember to pack items to make your flight experience a good one. My in-flight essentials are an eye mask, ear plugs, and headphones. It’s better to be over prepared than not.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Okay, so now you’re on a flight. Planes are notorious for drying out your skin. The best way to combat the dry air is by hydrating. I always like to buy a big water bottle before getting on the plane and start drinking it before take off. Once the flight attendants come around and offer drinks, I like to stick to water as well. Another tip for long flights is to put on moisturizer or a face mask. If you don’t want to scare the people around you, choose a face mask that will dry clear. Some of my favorites are by Sisley, and Laneige.

Let me know in the comments below if you guys have any other travel tips! Happy traveling!

Thrift Tips

I have been an avid thrifter for years. I became hooked in 9th grade after scoring the most perfect 90s Betsey Johnson floral romper and have been frequenting thrift stores ever since. It definitely took some trial and error to perfect “Goodwill Hunting” (as my dad calls it). I went through a period in my thrifting misadventures where I would buy anything with a designer label, no matter how awful or dated it may be. There was also my “DIY Era” when I would buy seemingly ugly things in hopes of turning them into something fabulous, but after hours of seam-ripping, bleaching, dying, studding, sewing, etc., really only ended up with something slightly less ugly (I’m not quite sure I’m totally over this phase). To help you avoid some of these missteps, here are ten helpful tips to navigate the labrynth that is the thrift store.

1. Take your time
Make sure you have plenty of time to look around. It definitely takes more than ten minutes to shop a thrift store. Some of my best finds were stumbled upon while looking around for something else.

2. Try everything on
You can’t always trust the size marked on the tag. Older sizing is much different than today’s; for instance, if you are a size 4 today, you could be anywhere from an 8-12 in older styles, so make sure to try everything on to make sure it fits the way you want it to.

3. Pay attention to sales
Many thrift stores have daily or weekly sales. For instance, most Goodwills have a “Color of the Week” when that specific color tag is 50% off. Other thrift stores have half-off Saturday sales. Savers offers 50% off your purchase when you bring in a donation. Being aware of these sales can make an already great deal that much sweeter.

4. Assume all stains are permanent
For the most part, everything in a thrift store has been worn and washed. This means that any stains you find are most likely set in and permanent. No matter how good a deal it may be, it’s still not worth buying something you won’t be able to wear. However, with that being said…

5. Don’t overlook easy fixes
I mentioned earlier my pension for DIY projects. This doesn’t mean remaking an entire garment, but easy fixes such as taking out shoulder pads, hemming, dyeing, or adding new buttons to an item can completely transform it. I recently found a simple white cotton dress that I loved. It fit perfectly and for only $3 I was smitten. That is until I noticed a weird yellow stain on the back of it (I don’t even want to know what it was). I decided to buy the dress anyway and dyed it black, turning my stained $3 dress into a perfectly easy $6 dress, sans stain. One thing I advise staying away from is broken zippers. Unless you’re a sewing wiz, zippers are a pain in the ass to replace, and not worth the hassle!

6. Check out every department
Don’t rule out anything! I can say from experience that I’ve found great things in every section of the thrift store. Make sure to check out the men’s department for perfectly worn in tees and flannels and the housewares department for unique trinkets (one of my favorite things to thrift are little bowls to use as catch-alls for rings, keys, etc.). Other great things to keep an eye out for are vintage textiles, which can be used as curtains, pillows, rugs, throws, and re-upholstery to bring new life into old furniture. In college, I found a piece of this gorgeous vintage brocade scrap fabric that I made into a cushion to transform an old trunk into a bench.

7. Think outside the box
Drawn to a funky printed skirt, but it’s 3 sizes too big? Why not find a cool vintage frame and display the fabric on your gallery wall? Or make it into a throw pillow to spice up your bed or couch?

8. Bring along a thrifty friend
Or go alone. There’s nothing worse than having to drag someone around a thrift store. Bring someone who knows their way around and meet in the middle to share your awesome finds. Bonus points if said friend knows your taste and acts as an extra pair of eyes when scouring the racks!

9. Wear comfortable clothes
The majority of thrift stores I’ve been to have very few fitting rooms, if they have them at all. Most likely, you’re going to end up with a cart filled with stuff and nowhere to try it all on. It’s a good idea to wear fitted clothing, like leggings and a tank top, that will easily fit under whatever you’re trying on, so you can avoid stripping down in public. Flip flops or slip on shoes are also great so you’re not untying/zipping/buckling every time you change.

10. Be bold!
Love an item or trend but unsure if you can pull it off? Thrift stores are the best place to experiment with your look! For $5, buy the damn dress and try it out! If it turns out you love it, you got an awesome piece for an even more awesome price. If it turns out it’s just not for you, welp, you only spent $5.

I love a good deal, but more than that, I love the hunt of finding older things with great potential and making them into something amazing! Why buy new stuff when you can save heaps and get something even cooler?! Hopefully this post gave you some ideas and sparked your imagination to go thrifting and get creative! Let us know of any helpful thrift tips you have below!